Light changing in intensity or color at a shooting location could mean frustration or inspiration, which can be a challenge to a photographer. Therefore, it is most important not to leave the exposure to chance or luck. Hand-held exposure meters can be useful instruments in creating images, offering possibilities far exceeding the metering systems built into cameras. Easy incident light measurement with diffusers, or intricate contrast measurements with spot attachments, all help to assist the photographer meet the challenge of changing light conditions. With more that 75 years in manufacturing exposure meters, Gossen have the expertise and knowledge of the dark and light aspects of photography, and have been helping photographers make the very best of every lighting situation to achieve the perfect exposure.

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Units: Metric Imperial

Digisky -Digital Meter f/Flash, Ambient and Cine Application

USD$ 510.99

Digisix 2 -Compact Ambient and Reflected Light Meter

USD$ 172.99

Digiflash 2 -Compact Incident, Reflected & Flash Light Meter

USD$ 215.99

Sixtomat F2 Light Meter f/Flash, Ambient, Cine, Reflective

USD$ 259.99

Digipro F: Exposure Meter For Flash & Ambient, Swivel Head


Digipro 2 -Flash, Ambient and Cine Light Exposure Meter

USD$ 324.99

Starlite 2 -Spot Meter f/Spot, Incident, Flash & Cine Meter

USD$ 744.99

Mavolux 5032C Digital USB: Digital Footcandle/Lux Meter

USD$ 783.99

Mavolux 5032B Digital USB: Digital Footcandle/Lux Meter

USD$ 1,301.99

Mavo-Monitor USB: Digital Illumination Level Meter

USD$ 1,645.11
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